Tales of Ithiria

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Band Name Haggard
Album Name Tales of Ithiria
Type Album
Data wpisu 29 Sierpień 2008
Wydawcy Drakkar Classic
Styl muzycznySymphonic Metal
Zarejestrowanych posiada ten album119


 The Origin
 Tales of Ithiria
 From Deep Within
 Upon Fallen Autumn Leafs
 In des Königs Hallen
 La Terra Santa
 Vor dem Sturme
 The Sleeping Child
 Hijo de la Luna (Mecano Cover)
 On These Endless Fields
 The Hidden Sign

Total playing time: 42:38

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Artykuł @ Pattty

28 Wrzesień 2008
... I’d like to tell you my opinion of the Haggard’s new release “Tales of Ithiria

It’s amazing how Asis Nasseri has created a very characteristic music style. I mean, symphonic bands several times use a “topic” for their albums and this resource is not exclusive of symphonic/operatic bands (you can observe this in some heavy and power Metal bands too). Haggard also uses this resource… but I can say ANY band I ever heard sounds like Haggard, they have a very own and particular style to make symphonic Metal music and thematic albums. You listen to a Haggard’s song and can instantly say “Hey, that’s Haggard” and, even so, each album has its own “feeling” and unique elements. This is it, similar albums but each one with its own “personality”, and that’s not easy to get with all those symphonic bands on market !

A few weeks ago, when album was released I listened to the tracks 2 and 9 of this album at Haggard’s myspace site...
9th track is a cover of Mecano, a spanish 80′S/90′S pop-rock band with a female vocalist named Ana Torroja (my native language is spanish and I was born on 80’s)... so, when I saw that song was part of the album track list, it really took my attemption !

Track 2 starts with a male voice singing in latin and a soprano voice responding (repeating the verse). When I heared it, it was just like “Wow ! I HAVE to get that album, and soon !!”
Finally, I got Tales of Ithiria and brought it home to listen to it, slowly and in total calm... And after the first track (that is a kind of Introduction to story), I heared complete that second track that trapped me on myspace... and goddamn, it was amazing ! What a soprano voice and what a musical composition !!
After that, I can’t stop to listen to it until last track finished (and I listen to it each time I can).

Nasseri has created an album wich consagrates the Haggard style : Characteristic but innovating, in wich the “topic” resource achieves its perfection, integrating prosaic narrative with the lyrical elements, resulting in a solid album that, from its begining to its end, tells you a story that doesn’t lose its continuity (even with the allegreto and with the spanish song, that results two little, but well ubicated “inter” before getting you to the next part of the story). It is made in part thanks to tracks 3, 7 and 10, that are ambiented narratives.

Track 4 has a beautiful execution of female and choral voices. Maybe the most beautiful of the album.
Track 6 is very sentimental and a little sad, male singer can really transmits you his feeling !

The album structure is somewhat like this :
Intro, story, inter, story (largest piece), inter, story, and the finale...
The dream ends with track 11, that is not a tipical outro or that kind of big solo finale. It ends with gutural singing and choral voices (6:25 long), and this is a key to achive that continuity I talk about, because actually the story (told in this album) is a memory that belongs to the man mentioned by the story-teller in track 1. The complete album takes you inside the story, and this way of ending reminds you that you are inside a memory of a tale that happened in valley of Ithiria.

What can I say ? Haggard did it again !
Simply a masterpiece !!
That’s why, if you enjoy symphonic/classic/operatic Metal music, I absolutely recommend you Tales of Ithiria.

Classic Metal rules ! m/

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Kratos_666 - 29 Wrzesień 2008: Hola que tal, muy buen comentario tuyo acerca de Haggard, no quise escribir en ingles ya que vi que tu lengua nativa es español al igual que la mia. Bueno, en cuanto al disco Tales Of Ithiria la verdad es que es muy bueno hace apenas unos dias que lo tengo y la verdad es que esta excelente banda nunca deja de asombrarme (al igual que a muchos otros fans estoy seguro), yo creo que valio la pena la espera de este nuevo material desde el Eppur Si Muove que cabe mencionar que tambien es una genialidad.
Bueno no me queda nada mas que agregar, yo creo que ya todos los que han escuchado a Haggard saben de la calidad de esta banda, asi que nomas me quiero despedir y si no tienen el disco comprenlo o bajenlo porque vale mucho la pena, Saludos a toda la comunidad del METAL!!!
Pattty - 30 Wrzesień 2008: Gracias por tu comentario ^_^
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