Summoning Black Gods

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Band Name Chapel Of Disease
Album Name Summoning Black Gods
Type Album
Data wpisu 08 Grudzień 2012
Wydawcy FDA Rekotz
Styl muzycznyDeath Metal
Zarejestrowanych posiada ten album25


 Summoning Black Gods
 Descend to the Tomb
 Dead Spheres
 Evocation of the Father
 The Nameless City
 Hymns of the New Land
 Exili's Heritage
 The Loved Dead

Total playing time: 44:37

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Artykuł @ GandhiEgo

28 Marzec 2013

The Van Drunen principle

From the German Death Metal trio signed at FDA Rekotz, Chapel of Disease, Lifeless and Sulphur Aeon, Chapel of Disease are definitely the most “Old-School” and by a fair margin. Lifeless may also play OSDM but compared to the raw aggression emanating from Chapel of Disease, they’d sound overproduced.

Two bands ultimately come to mind when listening to Summoning Black Gods. One is Death, Scream Bloody Gore era, and one is Martin Van Drunen. Wait… Martin Van Drunen is not a band? No, Martin Van Drunen is like an institution so think more early Pestilence and Asphyx. From Scream Bloody Gore, you’d get Death Metal that hasn’t yet shed the Thrash Metal onslaughts. What do you get from Van Drunen? Vocals meant to rape your ears through mortuary shrouds as well as an avalanche of riffing that would please both Mameli and Daniels.

Despite the blatant homage, Chapel of Disease go beyond being mere copycats by actually being able not only to mimic their idols but also to come up with kick-ass songs which will stay with you for a while. Just like from this golden era of Death Metal, songs are meant not just to be brutal but to actually be songs thought out to move your ass and feet alike. The thrashy imprint makes sure of that adding this welcome “groove” that few bands display nowadays even among the revivalists and with exhilarating riffing and sung choruses as in Exili’s Heritage you’ll soon be screaming your lungs out while taking a (bloody) shower.

Everything in Chapel of Disease screams efficiency and the band is almost always on the edge of going ballistic. Only just a few times do they slow down, like on the beginnings of Evocation of the Father or of The Nameless City or on the last longer track The Loved Dead which add a Doom Death touch, which, again, is reminiscent of Asphyx doomier works. Production wise, it’s a fine mix between the cruder Scream Bloody Gore and the more “sophisticated” Consuming Impulse. I assume you’ve heard of these records… As for who’s doing nowadays the best impersonation of Van Drunen, Laurent T wins hands down even surpassing Matt Knox of Horrendous in this particular category.

It’s certainly not the most original record to have been released lately but it’s so well done I cannot not recommend to any OSDM lover out there. Considering its obedience, the change from the Immola/Incanta-tion standard or the Sunlight revival is fine and refreshing as well. Obviously the guys of Chapel of Disease were born 20 years too late but their homage is actually more credible than some of older established bands trying to jump back on the OSDM bandwagon.

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