Slave to Nothing

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Band Name Fit For A King
Album Name Slave to Nothing
Type Album
Data wpisu 14 Październik 2014
Wyprodukowany przez Will Putney
Nagrany w Machine Shop
Styl muzycznyMetalcore
Zarejestrowanych posiada ten album29


 Kill the Pain
 Young & Undeserving
 Slave to Nothing (ft. Mattie Montgomery of For Today)
 Break Away
 Selfish Eyes
 A Greater Sense of Self
 Forever Unbroken
 Cleanse My Soul
 The Final Thoughts of a Dying Man

Total playing time: 39:35

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Komentarz @ matt350

19 Październik 2014


Fit for a King is a Christian Metalcore band started in 2007 as an independent band, but gained the attention of solid state records. On their part this was a brilliant decision because with their debut on the label, it was the highest selling album in the labels history.

With this release they have proved they can go to an even HIGHER level than their previous record. The album is the debut of their replacement clean vocalist/bassist Ryan O'Leary, who replaced Aaron Kadura who left the band in early 2014. Aaron vocals were SO good, but Ryan proves he can be EVEN BETTER. His vocals structure the song into perfect melody.

The album is definite upgrade from Creation/Destruction in EVERY way including HEAVIER breakdowns, angelic clean vocals, heavier drums, and Ryan Kirby's ASS KICKING screams. The album showcases a much HEAVIER overall feel and tune since its production by Will Putney of Fit For an Autopsy. The album also featured an incredible friend of the band and of the metalcore scene Mattie Montgomery of For Today who is GREAT. He was also pulled onto the record from Producer Will Putney who produces his bands albums as well. It was nice to see this because they are both christian bands, and it was nice to see how they would sound as a duo.

FFAK have proved themselves as owners of the genre and have released one of the best albums in solid state history ONCE AGAIN. Slave to Nothing is an AMAZING release for new and hardcore fans of FFAK. Honestly there is nothing I can find that is wrong with this album, I would list it as the BEST metal release of 2014.

Another thing I would just like to point out is the album cover, which basically shows a woman rising to heaven, which really showcases how christian the band REALLY is.

10/10 - Notable Tracks - Slave to Nothing - Hooked - Imposter - Break Away.

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