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Band Name Behold... The Arctopus
Album Name Skullgrid
Type Album
Data wpisu 16 Październik 2007
Wyprodukowany przez Colin Marston
Styl muzycznyExperimental Metal
Zarejestrowanych posiada ten album13


 Of Cursed Womb
 You Are Number Six
 Some Mist
 Transient Exuberance

Total playing time: 33:33

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Komentarz @ Scandals

15 Czerwiec 2010
Take three immensely talented musicians, put them in a turbine and shake them up for a while, then tell them to play the first thing that comes into their head. Voila, you have Behold... The Arctopus. 'Skullgrid' is a complete headfuck of an album, its technical fret wizardry terrifying in its complexity. Thank God its instrumental, because I couldn't concentrate on anything else with such fret mangling going on.

Behold...the Arctopus are metal on the Dillinger Escape Plan/Botch/Psyopus edge of reality, an amalgamation of black/death/math/prog/jazz/anything else really that drips with melody and confusion in equal amounts. Spiralling counterpoint tech death abounds in the titanic 'Transient Exuberance', while the title track takes three completely different musical lines and coalesces them into an overload of technical prowess. Progressive is a poor word for what Behold...the Arctopus are trying to do here; this is metal for the space age, where Infinity is calculated via King Crimson-esque prog and demented jazzy breaks. 'Some Mist' provides the album's highlight however, with loose, fusion basslines competing with jazz inspired drumming and chaotic guitar solos to create one inspired, original whole.

If you enjoy metal on the very edge of the spectrum, thrusting out into strange new worlds where Psyopus or early Dillinger thrive, 'Skullgrid' is the album for you. Or if you need something to fuck your music teacher up, look no further!

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