Skogens Hjärta

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Nazwa zespołu Hypothermia
Tytuł płyty Skogens Hjärta
Type Album
Data wpisu Wrzesień 2010
Wydawcy Self-Released
Gatunek muzycznyBlack Metal
Tylu użytkowników posiada ten album14


1. Skogens Hjärta 1:08:40
Total playing time 1:08:40

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Artykuł @ Satanicarchangel

03 Sierpień 2013

Astounding, a natural progression from one of the most emotionally damning bands on earth

What seems to be a natural progression for Hypothermia, their latest album Skogens Hjärta (not sure what it means) sees the band opting for a cleaner, post rock sound than their usual depressive and distressed funereal blackened dirges. Whilst keeping their usual levels of depression, the band chooses to present them in the context of a post rock packaging, allowing the band more leeway in terms of creating a powerful and provocative atmosphere.

First and foremost, post rock is a genre that is most notable for it's heavy reliance on the musical technique known as a climax. A climax is a build up and then sudden release of energy that has become increasingly prominent in the scene, with several note worthy metal bands using this technique as of late. Bands such as Isis and Agalloch have been known to integrate this into their music with great success. So how well do Hypothermia mix it in the context of a depressive black metal record? Hypothermia do it really well, the music works great when infused with various post rock elements, it allows for a calmer, more laid back Hypothermia to shine through. A side to the band that has been touched upon before but never explored to the point that Skogens Hjärta has.

Whilst Hypothermia still retains a little level of black metal, most profoundly in the guitar tone and production. The sound is more clean cut, more relaxing and soothing, dissimilar from the suicidal dirges of the past. The band still retains a certain distinct aura of depression, yet somehow it is not obtrusive, it's subtle, in the background, creating calm melancholic underlinings to the music. The music as a whole is very simple, there is no need to be complex or technical on Skogens Hjärta, the music is emotionally vulnerable on its own with this simple delivery of post rock arpeggios mixed with a little black metal influence to create a simple yet extremely powerful sound. The music is of course highly repetitious by nature, a few simple riffs flow along calmly, being repeated until they finally wear out their welcome, which can take more than just a few minutes. The minimalism is great, allowing the album to retain a strong sense of atmosphere and emotion that would have been hindered with a much more complex display of musicianship.

Skogens Hjärta retains a fully instrumental alias throughout the entire duration, it allows the music to do the talking. Although I would of course have loved to have seen a vocal performance by Kim Carlsson I'm perfectly happy with the decision to keep it instrumental. It keeps it simple, allowing the music to speak for itself, therefore giving the album room to connect with the listener on a much more personal level. The atmosphere is utterly phenomenal in my eyes, it's nothing short of powerful and is an utterly enthralling listen. It's far removed from Hypothermia's usual dark and oppressive atmosphere, taking a far more dismal and dreary tone to the music. It feels lonely, isolated, yet strangely comforting, as though after years of struggling with depression the thought sets in to embrace it, to love it, to become one with the sadness within and to let it overflow and consume you. Skogens Hjärta can toy with the listeners emotions as easily as a cat toys with a ball of yarn.

For those avid Hypothermia fans out there who might be looking at this review feeling disgruntled at the change in style, hold it right there! This is still clearly Hypothermia, the music still retains their dense atmosphere of negativity, it's just wrapped up in a cleaner and fresher post rock passage. All bands need to adapt and evolve to stop their sound from stagnating, from going stale. I for one am glad of the change Hypothermia adopted, their sound comes from the heart, and not from genre conventions they feel like coating their music in, the core of their music has remained the same and I am very thankful because of that. Hypothermia throughout the course of their career have created some of the most emotionally naked pieces of music I have ever had the pleasure of listening to and they're not about to stop. Hypothermia are as hard hitting and devastating as possible, all with the added bonus of taking a post rock side to things. A very welcome change in my opinion.

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Komentarz @ gloomwinter

04 Styczeń 2011


well well well how i supposed to butcher this album.Hypothermia's latest super depressive evil harsh distorted album.Unfortunately it only contains one song which is an hour and some minutes long.The song contained really heavily distorted guitar and a tortured soul voice.That's what we expect by a super depressive suicidal black metal band.The drums nearly are listenable but still were there to keep the beat of the song.The guitars as i said were heavy distorted but still very good There were really good riffs which continued to give the power to this wonderful song. the lyrics weren't sing a long so that was another accomplishment with the album.The lyrics weren't listinable so that was another good job.The sound of the voice was like a voice of a tortured soul.It was really high pitched.The cover art was really amazing the black eagle and the black and white cover really were great.The production was really low-fi and that was what we wanted from a suicidal band.Well i don't have to say anything else.

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Satanicarchangel - 03 Sierpień 2013: Hmmm, where you listening to the same album as me? I listened to it and I hear a pretty clean cut post rock album with the odd sprinkling of black metal.
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