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Band Name Torture Killer
Album Name Sewers
Type Album
Data wpisu 25 Luty 2009
Styl muzycznyDeath Metal
Zarejestrowanych posiada ten album35


 I Bathe in Their Blood
 The Art of Impalement
 By Their Corpse
 Rats Can Sense the Murder
 Scourging at the Pillar

Total playing time: 29:09

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Artykuł @ egane

29 Sierpień 2009
And the new- school Metal is on relying to the form of mentality of this Finnish band from new release or third full-length in 2009 that taken so far by Dynamic Arts Records after Blaze ! album from Steel Blade Records. Long awaiting since 2006 and Epitome continues the way of credibility now to keep the existence after 7 years with a more maturity legitimising capability to play the speedy steel music much definite. Sourcing the melding constantly for the gist, the concrete fastness onto slamming and oscillating from the intrinsic power flexibly risen the agility for the songs and more enthusiastic due the longitudinal sections. Blending the swinging-picked and congruous riffs and mettling melodies, easier but legibly like Convention until Immortal keynotes. The drummer works so well as cords that set without high-speed, technipues are to grade for outpouring the hits so forth the double bass stability to propose the energy with galloping propping stronger.The vocals are fulfilled with soft alto and pitching as the actual addition, the patterns from new vocal-Juri Saline are  awesome and appear like technipue that Kam Lee or troaty Lee Dorian particularly for the roaring type onto the brave themes--than rawer Chris Barnes in. Advancing bass is due the peal on impacted tricking rhythms and veering with drum. For the all songs that composed "In my Dignity"is tended to some characters or even colorful and melodic Metal for the certain genre especially for the song I Bathe in Pure . It's comparable with bands such as: Centurion, Panzerfaust, In Liturgy and more due the feeling. Concrete and conclude for the artwork that made by for the main where put certain for the divinity, up grade of the painting. Some suggestion for all contents especially the musicality, this album would be so much great if the sound is set more strong and the riffs-created is complex onto the ordinary level however this album is still good enough to the way of target. So forth, this album is included as usual album and has essence to the standard rate besides many bands that release albums nowadays. To so far, Epitome has proved to the scene and depended on the conviction with the influences of recent groups. Contemporary, the album is perforating the context for the platform of terms that integrates because the advancement minds to leave the past especially to the elements that used as balance as the correlation. It's instead buzzing for the years now and as treating the yearning this band come to sealing the genre. Better realisation if you listen some songs or get the CD and support this untainted band certainly. The boredom is no longer felt from the intuition, glorious endeavour.

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