Sentiero II: Ceneri

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Band Name Deadly Carnage
Album Name Sentiero II: Ceneri
Type Album
Data wpisu Wrzesień 2011
Styl muzycznyAtmospheric Black
Zarejestrowanych posiada ten album4


1. Guilt of Discipline
2. Parallels
3. Epitaph Part I
4. Epitaph Part II
5. Growth and New Gods
6. Ceneri

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02 Luty 2012


I guess there should always be some sort of disclaimer when accepting a review. For instance, when a band says they play “Black Doom” like in the case of Deadly Carnage and their newest stuff “Sentiero II: Ceneri” and in the end there’s nothing really “Black Doom” about it…

But hey the band sent the CD, so I can’t just sit on my ass and pretend nothing ever went in the mailbox. Though I wish I could. Basically Deadly Carnage from Italy play something in between Depressive Black Metal and Ambient Black Metal and that’s the problem: I know shit about this. So yeah it sounds a bit like Burzum or other acts like Isolation but I can’t really pin it down nicely for you. Sorry folks.

I had to play this like 15 times to really start appreciating the record and still I find it not really to my tastes. But then again, I was expecting “Black Doom” or something more like “Dark Metal” a la Bethlehem or Nortt.

Besides not being really the right guy to do it, I think it will appeal to people who like their Black Metal with a good dose of Ambient-like atmospheres with repetitive riffing a la Darkthrone though it sounds more Swedish than Norwegian even with a few hints at Death Metal be it in the atypically non Black Metal vocals or in the sound of the guitars. I wouldn't want to dwell much more on this because I'd be bullshitting you guys but somehow after successive replays the music gets to settle in and if you’re into such musical “landscapes” you’re in for a good ride, just don’t expect to be overthrown.

I guess the main thing that may be a bit “Doom” about Deadly Carnage is the very last song on this album called “Ceneri”. Sung in Italian with clear voices, it will remind the listeners of other Italian acts (the Doom Metal scene is huge there and always has been) like, for instance, Arpia or Death SS. It's got this "occult" feel that Italians love to develop ever since Jacula came out. So if only for this one track, it's worth checking out this record.

Other than that, my flattest apologies to you reader and to the band. Next time don’t label yourself “Black Doom” if you’re not playing anything remotely close to it. Thanks…

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