Scenes Of Splendour

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Band Name Ancient Rites
Album Name Scenes Of Splendour
Type Video
Data wpisu 2001
Wydawcy Self-Released
Styl muzycznyViking Black
Zarejestrowanych posiada ten album2


Descending into Darkness:
Live Wertheim, Germany - 23 January 1994
1. Assyrian Empire
2. Satanic Rejoice
3. Obscurity Reigns (Fields of Flanders)
4. Longing for the Ancient Kingdom
5. Crucifixion Justified
6. Death Messiah
7. Land of Frost and Despair
8. From Beyond the Grave
9. Morbid Glory (Gilles de Rais 1404-1440)
At the Gates of Hell:
Live Zaal Vinea, Veerle, Belgium - 01 May 1998
1. Total Misanthropia
2. Quest for Blood
3. Blood of Christ (Mohammed Wept)
4. (Het Verdronken Land van) Saeftinge

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Ancient Rites