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Band Name Ramp
Album Name Nude
Type Album
Data wpisu 2003
Styl muzycznyThrash Heavy
Zarejestrowanych posiada ten album1


1. Prime 04:01
2. In Sane 03:43
3. Clear 04:22
4. Around 04:14
5. S.H.O.U.T. 04:13
6. Newborn 04:19
7. Alone 05:04
8. Bsides 05:22
9. XXX (Fan)Tasy 04:25
10. Caught 03:49
11. Drop Down 03:05
Total playing time 46:37

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10 Luty 2008

one of the best metal albums of the year

The Ramp's career still going strong, and to prove it, their popularity is strong in Portugal and they're one of the most respected metal bands in their country. Musical tv-shows often interview the band, not only to ask by their music, but to know their opinion about music itself. "Nude" comes in a time when metal scene is not so strong in Portugal and hell, it came in the right moment!

This time the band had a slightly different approach with more keyboards and sound effects that are immediately listenable in "Prime", a great opener which contains voice-effects, keyboards and a great rhythm. Such great rhythms do not stop there because "In Sane" is a frantic song with as much power as the band can display, in a more conventional way. Great song too. "Clear" is not so brilliant, but I like that solo a lot. It jumped into my ears!! Then listen to "Around". This is a great song (resembles me of Korn in some parts), with that great riff, great bass and great drum rhythm, then going into a memorable chorus, in one of my favorite songs ever made by the band. Perfect. "S.H.O.U.T" is again a powerful... a very powerful song! It makes you want to break something while listening to it, so be careful! After that angry moment, Ramp come back to their present style, back to the keyboards and a more sophisticated sound. It's a shame "Newborn" is somehow broken in several parts that don't seem to connect properly one in each other, because it has some nice moments and it's enjoyable at many of those parts. "Alone" is their most beautiful moment ever. It's an intense power ballad, a strong moment with powerful singing, calm moments and with this beautiful chorus. Strong, beautiful and unique. "BSides" has the same problem as "Newborn". I have little to say about "xxx(fan)tasy", apart from the fact that it is a very effective song, with nothing wrong in it, although it doesn't reach the "state of art" of some previous tracks. "Caught" and "Drop down" are the last two tracks of the album, well and I can say that they've nothing special to show although they don't compromise the general quality of the album.

"Nude" is maybe one of the best metal albums of the year, and probably I'd say it's one of the top 3 best metal albums ever made in Portugal. What makes it special is that Ramp are not running after no one anymore. This is their sound, this is their proof of maturity, this is the album they've always looked for.

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