No Canonization

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Band Name Carbonized
Album Name No Canonization
Type EP
Data wpisu 1990
Wydawcy Thrash Records
Wyprodukowany przez Tomas Skogsberg
Styl muzycznyDeath Metal
Zarejestrowanych posiada ten album6


1. No Canonization
2. Statues
3. Au-to-dafe

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Artykuł @ Loudpipes

09 Lipiec 2011

One of the better demo releases of the Swedeath scene

In my opinion, this is far and away one of the best demos from the old Swedeath scene. Carbonized were one of the most quirky and atypical bands of the old Swedeath guard, and on this demo they showcase it with a blast of furiously grind-based death metal, with some really odd riffs and unpredictable twists and turns to these songs.

The writing here is excellent; these songs, while again, pretty unpredictable, also also well put together, with a lot of the transistions being well thought out. The riffs are fairly odd; they're grind-influenced, but at the same the band utilizes some rather odd melodic ideas in their construction. The opening lurching riff to the title track essentially sets the theme to the whole single. The riffcraft is great, odd but very well put together. The bass stands out a lot on this, especially at the beginning of "Statues" where it provides counterpoint lines to the riffing and the drums. Vocals on this demo were handled by Matti Karki, soon to be of Carnage and Dismember and he delivers a fearsome, vicious vocal performance that is very reminiscent of what he did on Dark Recollections.

Production... this is basically a Swedeath demo, albeit fuzzier than normal. The guitar tone is very murky sounding, although it retains enough clairty to make out all of the riffs, and the bass is, as noted above, is far more prominent than in most Swedeath. The production does not do any favours for the drums, as one mostly hears the crash cymbals and the kicks throughout. Vocals are mixed up front, maybe a bit loud but nothing that really harms the music.

At any rate... the only thing wrong with this single is the fact that it's essentially less than 10 minutes long. A real shame, this is quality work.

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