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Band Name Deus Otiosus
Album Name Murderer
Type Album
Data wpisu 2010
Styl muzycznyDeath Metal
Zarejestrowanych posiada ten album4


1. I Have Seen Him Slay
2. Thousand Arms of the Dead
3. Wall of Violence
4. Ye Pigs of Little Faith
5. Whore Limbs
6. No Life
7. Ash World
8. Murderer

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Artykuł @ GandhiEgo

08 Listopad 2011

Stick to your Cerekloth and Victimizer records...

Deus Otiosus is some sort of super-band coming from Denmark. Made up of members from various Danish acts like Cerekloth, Exekrator or Victimizer, among others, the band delivers their debut in 2010 entitled “Murderer”.

Playing some Blackened Death Thrash Metal, the band, in my opinion, fails where other "super" bands have failed in the past. As you ought to expect the best possible music sublimated by all this experience, it turns out to be rather disappointing. It’s not that the music sucks though. The Thrash and Black Metal elements give some groovy elements to the music and combined with the Death Metal ones give us tracks that have their fair share of brutality and catchiness.

Not that bad? Yes, true, not that bad. But not that great either. The production is somehow too clean for this kind of music, and the inclusion of many melodic elements kill the aggressiveness you'd come to expect. Instead of concentrating on a few things, Deus Otiosus just gave in to a kind of unwanted demonstration. Black, Death, Thrash and Melo... It sounds as if there's too much to impress just about everyone versed in the Extreme Metal scene but in the end it loses its appeal to any fan of the aforementioned genres.

All in all, when you play “Murderer”, it’s not that you're wasting your time or that it’s such crap that you feel like turning off your player, it’s just that nothing stands out (thanks to the production) and that there are no memorable moments to catch your attention. Ultimately this “super” side-project band fails where bands like Tyrants Blood have failed because somehow it doesn’t really feel as a project but more of a patchwork that’s hard to swallow.

I would recommend sticking to your Cerekloth and Victimizer records (I would NOT recommend Exekatror for the life of me though…) because they’re much better in their respective areas. This is a failed attempt.

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WorthlessJoke - 29 Listopad 2011: Ha ha, I think every sentence in this review is wrong ;)
WorthlessJoke - 01 Grudzień 2011: Tastes are different, but I think think you need to listen to it some more.
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