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Band Name Veinen (NL)
Album Name Mordaeroth - Myself - Veinen
Type Split
Data wpisu 2006
Styl muzycznyBlack Metal
Zarejestrowanych posiada ten album0


"A New Beginning"
1. It's a Long Way to Nowhere 02:06
2. Like Games in My Head 01:53
3. Among Those Humans 03:01
4. Outro / Hear What I Hear 03:07
"Gates of Helheim"
5. Descending Down the Matefysical Stairs of Yggdrasil 05:28
6. Mesmerizing Darkness 03:31
7. Gates of Helheim 03:37
8. Outro 03:29
9. Hordes 02:40
10. Judas 02:44
11. Razorhell 04:03
Total playing time 38:08

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Komentarz @ Aaron

25 Maj 2009
What do we have here? Not just a split album but a 3 way split album. Mordaehoth / Myself / Veinen. 3 times the fun for the price of one. Sounds good, but does it sound?

I've been following Mordaehoth for quite some time now and they've never dissapointed me. I must say that the material which Sigwyrd presents one this split is not in the same league as other Mordaehoth classic's such as "Oskorei" and "Liederen van het onterfde land." It's not bad, but it's not spectaculair either. The first track suffers from a horrible sound quality. It's quite a long track so that doesn't help either. Luckily "Mesmerizing darkness" and "Gates of Helheim" sound a whole lot better. The first is a slow mid paced heavy track with a mysterious atmosphere. The last song has quite a catchy melody to it and Sigwyrd's distorted high pitched vocals roar nicely in the whole ensemble. Mordaehoth closes of which a very gloomy outro. A solem organ solo which plays something like a funeral hymn. I recognize the melody which is taken from "Songs of the evil winds" an ambient track Sigwyrd made for his project Sullen. But this was back in the days when he was still known as Draugluin.

Second up is Myself a one man project by the mysterious DD.
Myself sounds like a more noisy distorted version of Ildjarn.
The songs have a very cold and twisted atmosphere. This is not something I would put on everyday, but I can appreciate it from time to time. Best track in my opinion is "Among those humans" the tittle alone says it all. It's almost hard to listen to the insane wailing vocals but it has something hypnotizing which compels me to keep listening.

After a weird intro Veinen kiks off. I soon becomes clear [as I already suspected when seeing the bandname] Veinen is totally and then I mean to-tal-ly inspired by VON. And they're not doing a bad job in my opinion. The pounding tom during the blasts. Nice. I also like the barking grunt which is used. I esspecially like "Razorhell" and "Judas"

The cd comes in an A5 format cover in a plastic sleeve.

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