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Band Name Breakdown Of Sanity
Album Name Mirrors
Type Album
Data wpisu 04 Kwiecień 2011
Wydawcy Self-Released
Styl muzycznyMetalcore
Zarejestrowanych posiada ten album54


 Story of a Stranger
 When Silence Breaks
 The Storm
 The Chosen Ones
 Lights Out
 One Bullet Left
 We Are the Wall

Total playing time: 51:53

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31 Marzec 2012

The Best Metalcore Album I've Listened To

I'm a huge fan of metal music in general. I've listened to a wide range of the sub-genres and metalcore is probably my favorite kind. Breakdown of Sanity is known well for their epic breakdowns. I was first introduced to the band when I heard their music on Youtube. I quickly got the album Mirrors and listened to it for the first time. My first reaction was a huge shot of adrenaline that most music hadn't given me yet. They're called BREAKDOWN of sanity because every song has at least 2-3 breakdowns in it. And they are incredible.

The intro (prologue) comes in with a techno feel, much like Attack Attack!, but quickly blows through with the metalcore style: heavy distortion and bass drops. The album progresses quickly into Story of a Stranger. It sets the entire mood for the rest of the album. The first time I listened, I eagerly awaited the next song until the album was over.

The excessive use of bass drops is actually good. I love bass drops but sometimes they can be overused. BOS manages to place them in just the right spots to where it adds more atmosphere to the song and makes it that much better. The lyrics in metalcore are usually pretty cliché. It's always about someone getting dumped or cheated on, as it is with most music. But unlike other music, metalcore tends to have that angrier mood to it. But Mirrors has lyrics that are separate from the others. Although you have to really listen to understand what is being screamed, the lyrics are very heavy and refreshing compared to some of the other stuff.

Each song is amazing and unique in their breakdowns. Some would say you can only do it so many times before it begins to become cliché or sound the same. They manage to make it through the album without a song sounding alike. This band is truly underrated. I've seen videos of their live shows. The crowd is nearly a tenth of the size that it should be to say the least. I'm eagerly awaiting their next album and have already downloaded the song "Chapters". I have high hopes for this band, they've got the potential to be successful.

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