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Band Name Antigama
Album Name Meteor
Type Album
Data wpisu 28 Maj 2013
Styl muzycznyDeath Grind
Zarejestrowanych posiada ten album8


1. Collapse
2. The Key
3. Prophecy
4. Meteor
5. Fed by the Feeling
6. Crystal Tune
7. Stargate
8. The Signal
9. Turbulence
10. Perfect Silence
11. Untruth

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Artykuł @ Satanicarchangel

18 Czerwiec 2013

My first eoncounter with this band and what an introduction!

Admittedly I've never listened to anything by Antigama before, and the only reason I downloaded Meteor was because I was looking for new music and I found it on a best of 2013 list on Rateyourmusic. Not knowing anything about how this would sound I downloaded it with no hindsight into what I was getting into.

I was pleasantly surprised. Meteor is an excellent slab of brutal and intense grind. Although the cover art and album name led me to believe I'd be in for something progressive, this is not the case. Meteor is deceptively misleading, it contains over 20 minutes of abrasive and intense grind rather than the prog I was anticipating! I am really glad I was proven wrong on this one.

Meteor is pretty dissonant as is the case with most grind, but it's also structured and at times technical as well. It makes for an interesting listen and Meteor is full of excellent music. Each song, despite not differing too much is great, they're short enough to ensure they don't get boring and to keep them interesting throughout.

Meteor functions on the Extreme Metal side of Grindcore rather than on the Hardcore section. The vocals are very powerful, being a set of excellent death growls that suit the music brilliantly. The instrumentation is really good on Meteor, the music is full of wicked grooves and intricate leads. I don't usually listen to Grindcore because in general I find that it gets bland quickly. Meteor is an exception. The music is definitely Grindcore but I find that it offers so much more than most of the genre. It's short, intense and really fun.

I really couldn't explain why Meteor is better than the other grind I've heard, it just is in my opinion. There's something about it that makes it far more entertaining and enjoyable in my eyes, it's hard to pinpoint exactly what it is. Maybe I feel that Antigama are more coherent and structured with Meteor, there's also the science fiction theme running throughout it, with the artwork and the samples scattered throughout Meteor. Being a huge science fiction fan this no doubt softened me up to Meteor.

Meteor is a really good album, it's probably one of the best Grindcore albums I've heard, if not the best which isn't much considering I haven't heard much of the genre. It's got a really wicked cosmic atmosphere to the music and it's really entertaining. There's some interesting elements scattered around Meteor such as the occasional electronic section and the science fiction samples. There's a lot going on in the short amount of time that this album goes on for. I'd definitely recommend this to people who aren't well acquainted with Grindcore like I am, it's pretty accessible for the genre and it's entertaining throughout. One of the best albums I've heard this year so far. Good job guys!

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