Memento Mori I: Outrecuidance

lista zespołów Unblack Erasmus (USA-2) Memento Mori I: Outrecuidance
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Band Name Erasmus (USA-2)
Album Name Memento Mori I: Outrecuidance
Type Album
Data wpisu 28 Lipiec 2009
Wydawcy Sullen Records
Styl muzycznyUnblack
Zarejestrowanych posiada ten album1


Limited to 250 copies.
1. Into Oceans, the Ever One 06:18
2. Lifeless… as a Means to Ignore the Truth 07:20
3. In Defiance of the Temptors 03:10
4. To Weigh the Distance Burning Closer 03:53
5. Memento Mori 03:16
6. Interlude 04:40
7. The Somnambulant’s Lament 04:45
8. Burden 05:36
9. …And Under a Funeral Shroud 03:27
Total playing time 42:20

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