Live at MKNZ

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Nazwa zespołu Aus-Rotten
Tytuł płyty Live at MKNZ
Type Live
Data wpisu 1996
Wydawcy brak wydawcy
Gatunek muzycznyCrust
Tylu użytkowników posiada ten album0


1. Intro/ATF
2. The flag will cover the coffins
3. The battlefield's still red
4. When you support these fucking bastards
5. No justice - No peace
6. Vietnam is back
7. Media blackout
8. Perverted patriotism
9. Grave
10. Poison corporations
11. Death sentence (Final Warning)
12. Capitol Punishment
13. Tuesday May 18th 1993
14. Aids
15. The crucifix and the flag
16. Do you know where their children are
17. Apathetic
18. Arms race (BGK)
19. Brainwash
20. No change, no future, we're lost
21. Fuck nazi sympathy
22. They ignore peaceful protest
23. Prejudice (Crucifix)
24. Exploitation (Doom)
25. From protest to resistance (Conflict)
26. American Ethic
27. Hear nothing, see nothing, say nothing (Discharge)
28. 1/4 Death (Rudimentary Peni)
29. Tube Disaster (Flux Of Pink Indians)

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