Lifelong Deadline

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Band Name Gore (NL)
Album Name Lifelong Deadline
Type Album
Data wpisu 1992
Wydawcy Messback Music
Styl muzycznySludge Metal
Zarejestrowanych posiada ten album0


1. Bad Ideas Obsession
2. Battle of Stones
3. Treat
4. No Respect
5. Rustproof Rape
6. Nobody's Driven
7. Harder Break
8. The Concentration Connection
9. Master of Mirrors
10. Kick Ass
1. Hanging Grounds
2. Waste Taste
3. Sleep Well
4. Lifelong Deadline
5. Isis
6. The Real Mother
7. Cleared by Recognition
8. Waiting Time (ft. Bart Spaan)
9. Shock Exchange
10. Morrowland

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