Killing with a Smile

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Band Name Parkway Drive
Album Name Killing with a Smile
Type Album
Data wpisu 12 Wrzesień 2005
Styl muzycznyMetalcore
Zarejestrowanych posiada ten album185


 Gimme a D
 Anasasis (Xenophontis)
 Romance Is Dead
 Guns for Show, Knives for a Pro
 Picture Perfect, Pathetic
 It's Hard to Speak Without a Tongue
 Smoke 'Em If Ya Got 'Em
 A Cold Day in Hell

Total playing time: 39:41

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26 Październik 2010
Killing with a Smile is Parkway Drive’s debut album and is of the Metalcore genre. This album was released in May 2005 by Resist Records/Epitaph Records. This album is one of the greatest Metalcore albums to come out of Australia and what made Parkway Drive as famous as they are now.

Killing with a Smile is an album that is full of Metalcore energy. The Album opens with a intense song which is very fast and surprises you with randomly thrown in breakdowns (Gimme A D) and finishes with a fast yet emotional song. So you can expect a plentiful supply of energy in this album. This album also has some very good breakdowns such as in the song Romance Is Dead and Blackout. Also there are no slow boring tracks on this album they are all packed with energy from start to finish. Some tracks follow the same pattern though, which is to start off very slow and just suddenly jump to a very fast pace. I great example of this is the song It's Hard to Speak Without a Tongue. When I first listened to this song I was expecting for a slow emotional song, then I was greeted with suspicious guitars telling me that it would get faster, then BANG! This album also contains arguably their signature song Smoke’Em If Ya Got’Em which I have to agree that it is a very good song.

There is nothing that is bad about this album. Except that some people may consider this album to be a bit plain. I’m not saying it is boring just a little plain (very little), but why change if it works? Other than that there are no problems with this album.

Overall this album has fulfilled its main objective and that is to make a good lasting impression and leave the listeners wanting more. I think that this debut album was important in making Parkway Drive what they are today. I would recommend this album to anyone who likes Metalcore or even Deathcore. I also recommend the song Smoke’Em If Ya Got’Em for new listeners or people who want to know what this album is like. I think this album is awesome and I give it an 18/20.

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