Killing Season

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Band Name Death Angel
Album Name Killing Season
Type Album
Data wpisu 29 Luty 2008
Wydawcy Nuclear Blast
Styl muzycznyBay Area Thrash
Zarejestrowanych posiada ten album287


1. Lord of Hate 04:23
2. Sonic Beatdown 03:28
3. Dethroned 04:04
4. Carnival Justice 03:08
5. Buried Alive 04:27
6. Soulless 05:06
7. The Noose 03:36
8. When Worlds Collide 04:24
9. God Vs. God 04:42
10. Steal the Crown 02:56
11. Resurrection Machine 06:58
Total playing time 47:12
DVD (Digipack Edition)- Live in Strasbourg (La Laiterie), France (17/04/2003)
1. The Ultraviolence Part 1
2. Seemingly Endless Time
3. Voracious Souls
4. Mistress of Pain
5. 3rd Floor
6. Evil Priest
7. Stagnant
8. Bored
9. Kill As One

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Artykuł @ Vinrock666

23 Kwiecień 2009
The most truly wonderful aspect of Death Angel's 2008 LP release "Killing Season" is its due dilligence to the Bay Area thrash sound by way of demonstration rather than mere duplication. The songs for the most part act as metal templates: they are honest, straightforward, and most definitely old school. "God vs God" is the only song on the album that attempts to modernize their sound with a vibrating pedal effect on guitar, a grinding tempo, and lead/bass lines playing apart from each other. Besides that track, "Lord Of Hate", "Resurrection Machine" and "When Worlds Collide" spearhead the classic 80's fast and aggressive thrash riffs with clean instrumental intros, explosive and relentless metal riffs, and memorable refrains. Individual highlights are rare and guitar solos are short; however, but for that reason "Killing Season" feels more like a group project with a more welcome and singular direction. "Steal The Crown" is a great example of this - the bass line kicks off the richly toned rhythm line but isn't featured again anywhere else on the track. "Dethroned" starts off with a clean guitar intro but then quickly progresses to a heavier and choppier delivery of thrash rhythm. "Resurrection Machine" has perhaps the softest and most somber introduction with an accoustic and clean electric guitar before that gallops into a much more heavy metal rhythm line. To add, that first movement is repeated in the middle break, and at least two other songs follow a soft/hard/soft/hard format. Still, because those parts are very short, none of these tracks would be defined as contrary to the afformentioned statement. Overall, an observation can be made that there is an intentional low budget feel to the recording although it clearly is not. As an artistic choice, the result is quite exceptional as if to connect this contemporary work with the sounds and attitudes of the past. The best track on the album, "Lord Of Hate" reeks of that that old shoe feeling of comfort. Another note worthy of mention is the awesome voice of Anthrax's Scott Ian putting in some quality background vocal work on a couple of songs. His unmistakable tone is akin to a sonic stamp of approval. In all, to hear once again any current thrash metal offering by a metal master of this sound is most welcome and given that context, Death Angel's "Killing Season" is therefore a most pleasureable and headbanging metal experience.

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