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Nazwa zespołu Jig-Ai
Tytuł płyty Jig-Ai
Type Album
Data wpisu 16 Kwiecień 2006
Gatunek muzycznyPorno Gore Grind
Tylu użytkowników posiada ten album46


1. Japanese Gut Cake 01:15
2. Sounds of Body Sinuses 01:09
3. Geishas Sucks European Cocks 01:31
4. HN-Islam 01:18
5. Ninja Gangbang 01:15
6. Adventure on the Boat 00:18
7. Injectator Kruto 01:59
8. Fresh Manga Flesh 01:52
9. Vogelgrippe-N 00:40
10. Pec Nam Spadla Vs: Skakal Pes 01:22
11. Phimosiectomy Made by Scrub-Slasher 01:38
12. Suffocated Between Gigantic Udders 02:04
13. Sadomasochistic Practices Manual 01:27
14. Hanger in Her Neck 01:12
15. Extruding Testicles Through Garlic Press 01:35
16. Gourmet's Specialities of Necrozoophila 03:30
17. La Ley de Plomo (Brujeria Cover) 02:44
18. Final Cu(n)t 03:19
Total playing time 30:08

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Komentarz @ godlydevil7

06 Sierpień 2008
This must be one of the sickest albums I have ever heard. If you thought grindcore and goregrind cannot produce anything original, then think again. These guys know their instruments, and the guy on vocals sounds sick even if he does not use the pitchshifter !
His scream really gets the hairs on your arms up !
Humour is no longer a really big part, japanese animation, however, is.

I don't know if you have ever heard of Guro ? You should look it up (cause I'm not explaining now). But that's basically what their lyrics are about. And you can see that from this cover a little, but from the next album, "Katana Orgy", it becomes even more clear that music is not the only obsession of this guy, but japan makes up a lot of his interests as well.

Also, this album is produced really good. You can hear every instrument with ease, and it doesn't take away any of the "loudness" of the album. I think this will be quite good for the average goregrind lover. It is for me, anyway.

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