Iron Butter - 2 Minuta Dreka

lista zespołów Porno Gore Grind 2 Minuta Dreka Iron Butter - 2 Minuta Dreka
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Band Name 2 Minuta Dreka
Album Name Iron Butter - 2 Minuta Dreka
Type Split
Data wpisu Wrzesień 2009
Styl muzycznyPorno Gore Grind
Zarejestrowanych posiada ten album2


"I Just Sharted"
1. Dracula's Teabag
2. Gelatinous Ruins
3. Skulltrooper
4. Corn Cushion
5. The Palace Of Green Porcelain
6. Manuki
7. Joanie Kills Chachie
8. Insulting The Complimented
9. Sly And The Family Jewels
10. Drop Trou
11. Crazy Glued To A Cadaver
12. Tempered Ass
13. Baldylocks And The Three Hairs
14. Band Practice Is For Pussies
15. Destroy The Guest Star
16. I Just Sharted
17. San Juan 911
"When Pain Becomes Pleasure You Should Beg For Suffering"
18. Gruppen Sex In Deutsche Sauna Club
19. My Dick Is Small (But It Smells Like A Big One)

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2 Minuta Dreka

Iron Butter