In the Heat of the Night

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Band Name Pat Benatar
Album Name In the Heat of the Night
Type Album
Data wpisu Wrzesień 1979
Styl muzycznyHard Rock
Zarejestrowanych posiada ten album74


Re-Issue in 1996 by Chrysalis Records and Capitol Records
Re-Issue in 2006 by EMI Records and Capitol Records
1. Heartbreaker 03:29
2. I Need a Lover 03:30
3. If You Think You Know How to Love Me 04:23
4. In the Heat of the Night 05:24
5. My Clone Sleeps Alone 03:29
6. We Live for Love 03:55
7. Rated X 03:17
8. Don't Let It Show 04:04
9. No You Don't 03:20
10. So Sincere 03:29
Total playing time 38:20