In Nomine Odium

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Band Name Haemoth
Album Name In Nomine Odium
Type Album
Data wpisu 11 Listopad 2011
Styl muzycznyBrutal Black
Zarejestrowanych posiada ten album43


 Slaying the Blind
 Demonik Omniscience
 Spiritual Pestilence
 Son of the Black Light
 ..And Then Came the Decease

Total playing time: 44:55

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Artykuł @ heavymetaltribune

23 Luty 2012

an album that any fan of black metal can easily get into and enjoy.

The French underground metal scene has been brewing for quite a long while now, with recent releases from bands like Aosoth and Blut Aus Nord being some of the perfect specimens for those looking into exploring French black metal. Haemoth joins the ranks of these bands with their new release, In Nomine Odium, 7 long years after their previous release, Vice, Suffering and Destruction. A listen to the band's demo compilation, Mortuales Delecti (The Demonik Prophecies) quickly left me impressed, and so getting to finally listen to some new material is certainly a nice surprise.

And just like previous output of the band, Haemoth on In Nomine Odium presents listeners with cold and bleak black metal. Opening track Odium sees the band greeting listeners with Norwegian black metal-inspired riffs, complete with that air of unease that shrouds the music, with the band slowly biding their time with the repetitive riffs that last throughout the entirety of the song before all hell breaks loose from Slaying the Blind onwards and from here on, expect nothing but energetic and blasting black metal, sounding like a cross between classic Norwegian black metal bands like Tsjuder and the more aggressive Swedish black metal style.

Throughout the album, it is almost hard to believe that In Nomine Odium is the masterpiece of just two musicians, Syht and Haemoth. While Syht handles the drums on the album, Haemoth manages the rest of the instruments, including vocals and as evident from the quality of the music, does what he does extremely well. His vocals are a tortured, inhuman screech/shriek, somehow reminding me of Satanic Warmaster at times and this certainly helps in sending chills down the listener's back. The usage of whispered vocals at the background and organs towards the end of the track on Demonik Omniscience also help in creating a haunting effect in the music. The drumming of Syht also has a certain majestic feel to them, especially on longer and slower tracks such as closing track ...And Then Came the Decease, giving the songs an epic sound.

Apart from the aggression that is the main driving force behind the album for the most part, there are also somewhat depressive/desolate moments that are littered throughout, such as the bleak sounding riffs on songs like Demonik Omniscience that instantly bring bands like Satanic Warmaster to mind. Spiritual Pestilence also sees the band take a slight slow down from their relentless blasphemous onslaught, focussing in creating a high-strung atmosphere instead. ...And Then Came the Decease even reminds listeners of bands like Watain with the slow build up to the climax before letting everything come crashing down.

The extremely raw and harsh production quality is also one of the main attractions on the album, giving the music a nice touch and allows for the album to retain that sense of authenticity, especially the trebly and abrasive guitar tone. The different sounds that the band has managed to combine into a single record is sure to make In Nomine Odium an album that any fan of black metal can easily get into and enjoy.

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