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Band Name Brainstorm (GER-1)
Album Name Hungry
Type Album
Data wpisu 14 Kwiecień 1997
Wydawcy BO Records
Styl muzycznyMelodic Power
Zarejestrowanych posiada ten album41


1. Nails in My Hands 03:11
2. King of Fools 03:52
3. Innocent Until Caught 04:58
4. The Other Side 06:53
5. Tomorrow Never Comes 03:29
6. Liar's Edge 04:53
7. Tell-Tale Heart 03:44
8. Welcome to the Darkside 05:10
9. Bring You Down 04:20
10. Deep Down into Passion 04:36
11. Mr. Know-It-All (Duet w/ Ralph Scheepers) 04:14
Total playing time 49:20

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Komentarz @ razvandani

13 Kwiecień 2009
This is not your classic review of an album where there are a lot of "technical details". This is a subjective review/comment from a person that is just impressed and wants to express his feelings about Brainstorm.

I just started to listen to Brainstorm recently, in fact i am just listening their full discography again now. My conclusion about them is that they are one of the best heavy metal bands, at the same level of quality (both instrumental and vocals) and power as all of the 5 star bands from the Heavy metal genre. This makes me wonder yet again, as i wondered about other excellent bands, what exactly is making the distinction between 5 and 3 star bands, when it is obviously that some of the 3 star bands are just as good (and sometimes better) than some of the 5 star bands. I suppose it is the way they are promoted/exposed to the public.

But then, if that's so, in my view Brainstorm should deserve the same kind of promotion that e.g. Iron Maiden has. They are not at all smaller in the quality of their music.

I am now going to put a rate 20 to all their albums because really it's very hard to find better (equal yes, better is hard to find) heavy metal than what Brainstorm is offering.

I truly recommend all heavy metal fans that might see this comment and who haven't heard of Brainstorm so far, to give this band a real chance and make their own impression. I am sure disappointment is out of the question, presuming you like the genre to begin with, of course.

And hey, please don't even think i have any relation to this band and have an interest to promote them. I am just a simple heavy metal fan (and generally of all metal genres) who just found Brainstorm on this site and was truly impressed.

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