Hardnaked...but Dead

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Band Name Dead (GER)
Album Name Hardnaked...but Dead
Type Album
Data wpisu 18 Listopad 2011
Wydawcy FDA Rekotz
Styl muzycznyGrind Death
Zarejestrowanych posiada ten album6


1. Cock a Hoop 00:25
2. The Fineribber 04:13
3. Liquor Store Goddess 06:01
4. Tits 03:59
5. Wall of Flush 03:03
6. A Beer 02:51
7. Short But Slim 03:22
8. Possessed Soldiers of Luv 05:28
9. Perfumes of Doom 05:30
10. Hardnaked But Dead 06:15
Total playing time 41:07

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Artykuł @ heavymetaltribune

28 Luty 2012

almost sounds like what a young and newly formed band would put out instead

Veteran German death metal/grindcore band Dead returns after 2 years with yet another full length album displaying their perversity and morbid humour, entitled Hardnaked... but Dead. 20 years of experience playing together as a band can either result in a band releasing either some of their best material to date, or some of their worst, though being kind of a fan of bands that touch on such perverted lyrical contents, I had certainly expected some high quality death metal/grindcore from Dead.

Opening track Cock a Hoop provides a false front to what the band has put in place in the album, and as the spoken sample mentions "it's ok, it's dead" (with the obvious reference to the band's name), the album begins proper with The Fineribber, and what the band presents here is pretty decent death metal, with the intensity and speed of grindcore. The guitar riffs that are unleashed by Dany Dead are heavy and aggressive, and is topped by the sharing of vocal duties by all three of the band members, which provides a nice touch as multiple vocal layers can be put together, creating a nice... Wall of growl? Which was for the most part a good effect anyway, though all three of them seem to sound pretty similar with their aggressive and gruff growling style.

The various and numerous sound effects and spoken samples (Liquor Store Goddess) that the band has included throughout the album also help inject some elements of fun in the music, making the band sound as if they were having the time of their lives at the same time, in keeping up with their depraved, sexual theme of their music. Songs like Tits further see guitarist Dany make use of his instruments to provide quirky effects, and is perhaps one of the most fun tracks on the album, and it is almost hilarious how seriously and aggressively the band can growl out "TITS!" on this track. The silly and drunken banter on A Beer is also sure to provide listeners with some moments of laughter.

However, there are moments that actually mar the album, that do not live up to the expectation of a band that has more than 20 years of history. For example, on some tracks drummer Ali almost threatens to go out of pace, and this ends up with him sounding as if he were struggling to keep up with the rest of the band, like on moments towards the end of The Fineribber. The usage of multiple vocals could also end up sounding slightly overbearing as well, such as on Liquor Store Goddess, almost burying all the instruments in the background underneath the vocals. The layering of multiple instruments, vocals and samples at the background further confuse the listener, making songs like Liquor Store Goddess sound like a whole lot of mess.

Sure, the music is heavy, and when high or drunk, Hardnaked... But Dead is a whole lot of fun to listen to, but for a band as experienced as such, the album is almost a let-down, and does not do their more than 20 year legacy justice, and the album almost sounds like what a young and newly formed band would put out instead.

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Artykuł @ metalwahine

14 Styczeń 2012

Dead aren’t going to be for everybody but you’re looking for some good grindcore with a twisted sense of humor then you

Keeping with their porngrind style of metal and dark humor, Dead have returned onto the scene with their latest release, “Hardnaked…but Dead”. These guys first formed back in 1990 with the likes of Carcass and Autopsy as their influences and while they have gone through breakups and different lineups Dead have managed to come back evil as ever.

The band stays true to themselves with their raunchy, sleazy, dirty way of playing metal. These are all compliments btw; if you’re going to play metal it should always be raunchy, dirty, and sleazy. The first track “Cock a Hoop” pretty much tells what you’re in store for while “The Fineribber” lays down some simplistic but very ferocious guitar rhythms, dark guttural growls and solos that’s a combination of punk, thrash and death metal.

The vocals maintain a direct force throughout that are most noticeable in tracks like “Wall of Flush” while the following track “A Beer” is more just an ode to one of the things they love. Beer! How can you go wrong? “Short but Slim” goes back into the band’s distorted sexual appetite and the clincher is Dead’s final and self-titled track that keeps going strong with brutal riffs in the background and Ali A. just oozing out blackness on vocals.

Dead aren’t going to be for everybody but you’re looking for some good grindcore with a twisted sense of humor then you definitely want to check their latest album “Hardnaked….but Dead!”

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