God Is Dead ?

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Band Name Black Sabbath
Album Name God Is Dead ?
Type Single
Data wpisu 19 Kwiecień 2013
Wydawcy Vertigo Records
Styl muzycznyHeavy Metal
Zarejestrowanych posiada ten album6


1. God Is Dead ?

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Artykuł @ vikingman369

19 Kwiecień 2013

Black Sabbath lives

Three years after The End of Heaven and Hell and a lot of bullshit later and then the unthinkable has happened. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, Black Sabbath, the one true Black Sabbath - well, most of them (but hey, most of you think Black Sabbath is just Tony Iommi, so...) - are back and bringing their own titanic brand of heavy metal back with them.

Here it is, the forerunner of the much anticipated 13 album, the single "God is Dead?" It is both unlike anything these three have made and yet it is impossible not to draw connections between this and earlier work. Ozzy's vocals, while never perfect, are more in line with his high-pitched wails from his solo album Down to Earth, as opposed to his most recent work Scream. Geezer's thundering away like it's 1971 and Tony's guitar is back in E-flat, a la The Devil You Know, with riffs that hearken back to "The Sign of the Southern Cross" and "Hole in the Sky" to name but a few. Brad Wilks, the skin-beater of Rage Against the Machine, steps up to the kit with beats that are both jazzy and metal at the same time.

So, what does this song have to offer? Crushing and slow riffs of doom, as usual, and Ozzy wailing away about whether or not the most hated deity of the Western World really is alive. Lyrically, Black Sabbath have always been on the fence when it came to spirituality, sometimes preaching for it, like "War Pigs", "Lord of this World" and "After Forever", and sometimes preaching against it, like "Under the Sun", "Who Are You?" and possibly "Megalomania". I think the best part of this song is during the fast, "Hole in the Sky"-esque bridge, where Ozzy forces the listener to answer the question:

"Do you believe a word what the Good Book said
Or is it just a holy fairy tale and God is dead?"

It's a nice long song for those of us who are missing 8+ minute songs. As for the mix? Well, I don't see what's wrong. Rick Rubin mixed the song in similar fashion to The Devil You Know, which he did not produce. Aside from a rather unimpressive guitar solo and Bill Ward's absence, there really isn't anything really wrong with this song. God may be dead to you, but Black Sabbath lives and this single is proof of it! Just a month and a half more and 13 shall come!

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darkenergy - 19 Kwiecień 2013: I'm not interested unless the
the whole original band is back
no Bill Ward - no Black Sabbath
Oferiko - 19 Kwiecień 2013: Funny thing: I'm not such an avid Black Sabbath fan, but I've never been so excited about an upcoming album. I like this single, and it could easily fit in between early 70s works. Big like! \m/
Silence_Nyrst - 19 Kwiecień 2013: I have enjoyed it, good song.
TheDuke - 24 Kwiecień 2013: Good song indeed,too bad Bill isn't in it.Anyway,I'm glad that Black Sabbath is back on track. \m/(><)\m/
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