Gargling with Infected Semen

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Band Name Amputated
Album Name Gargling with Infected Semen
Type Album
Data wpisu 19 Maj 2006
Wydawcy Sevared Records
Styl muzycznyBrutal Death
Zarejestrowanych posiada ten album34


1. Anally Disemboweled (Weapons of Ass Destruction) 02:01
2. M.D.S.P.T. 02:15
3. Raped with a Jack Hammer 02:10
4. Menstrual Cunt Fart 02:51
5. Ice Pick Trachyotomy 02:09
6. Love 'Em and Cleave 'Em 02:46
7. Immersed in Pain (Jungle Rot Cover) 02:15
8. Lesbian Coprophagia 02:42
9. Gargling with Infected Semen 02:33
10. Dead Hungry 02:07
Total playing time 23:49

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Komentarz @ schwanzstudios

06 Kwiecień 2020

and an amputee was born

First of all the album cover is downright ridiculous it looks like a first time newgrounds animator drew it, it is not a good way to start this album.
but the songs themselves are hit and miss for me some songs like " Love 'Em and Cleave 'Em" and "Ice Pick Tracheotomy" are decent at giving a horror vibe but there are some songs that come across as humorous more than scary like " Anally Disemboweled (Weapons of Ass Destruction)" and "Menstrual Cunt Fart" but it kind of feels like the band is doing this on purpose for humor but if they are not, it would be completely out of place.

the instrumentals and vocals are fine for death metal standards it does sound like cannibal corpse influences and it does serve the album perfectly but sometime the guitar riffs sound sometimes identical to other sounds with mild difference. also the drums are ok for the death metal but the snare sounds incredibly strange and it isn't really anything special but it fits the genre just fine

overall this album was a decent album but it does have some serious flaws that prevents it from being a great album i don't recommend this album to people who do not listen to metal but i do recommend it to people for people that like horror or people that really like death metal also i recommend the remade version of the album to people more then the album because for one the album cover is better... and that's pretty much it

so overall i give this album a 6/10 take it for what it is

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