From the Arcane Burning Legions

lista zespołów Brutal Black Winged From the Arcane Burning Legions
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Band Name Winged
Album Name From the Arcane Burning Legions
Type Album
Data wpisu 1998
Wydawcy Tenebrarum
Styl muzycznyBrutal Black
Zarejestrowanych posiada ten album1


Re-Issue in 2013 by Warhell Records with a different cover.
1. From the Arcane... 01:34
2. A Voice Beyond the Grave 04:30
3. Discendents Must Pay 06:23
4. Living in My Hell 04:42
5. The Burning Abyss 05:36
6. Adorned of Dark 03:06
7. To Die and Reborn 05:48
8. Into Glory of Darkness 03:32
9. Blood on My Sword 06:50
10. ...Burning Legions 02:07
Total playing time 44:08