Finding God Before He Finds Me

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Band Name Bad Omens
Album Name Finding God Before He Finds Me
Type Album
Data wpisu 02 Sierpień 2019
Styl muzycznyMetalcore
Zarejestrowanych posiada ten album9


 Kingdom of Cards
 Running in Circles
 Careful What You Wish For
 The Hell I Overcame
 Said & Done
 Burning Out
 If I'm There

Total playing time: 42:09

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Komentarz @ desolate23

18 Luty 2020

An Excellent Blend of Alternative Metal, Symphonic and Metalcore

Bad Omen is the new upcoming Metalcore band that has flew under my radar relatively. Compared to other such acts that still impress me to this day, like Gideon, I never exactly gave this band a chance until now when their deluxe edition of their sophomore album Finding God Before God Finds Me released in 2019. The band offers a very reminiscent sound that harkens back to Bring Me the Horizon's Sepiternal released in 2013. However, unlike that album this blend is done much more masterfully with the spices of symphonic harmonies sprinkled throughout the albums hour run time. It's certainly an underdog of what the genre has become over the past two decades but this album eloquently proves that Metalcore is still kicking. Though, in fairness, Metalcore had a pretty decent run in 2019. The album picks up midway through digging deeper into their Metalcore sound and it's definitely a cut above what we know as classics in the scene. The album is good. Listen to it if you're into Metalcore or alternative metal. I give this an 18/20.

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