Fiendish Ruminations

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Band Name Goatfire
Album Name Fiendish Ruminations
Type Compilation
Data wpisu 2004
Styl muzycznyBlack Metal
Zarejestrowanych posiada ten album2


1. A Chant in the Wood
2. Goatfire
3. The True Virginity of the Immaculate Whore
4. In the Winter of My Heart
5. Shadows Kiss Me (My Gift)
6. Thousand Bastards Slain
7. In the Winter of My Heart Pt.II
8. Unburied (Intro)
9. Beyond the Stars Fallen
10. Thunder Verses / Adorned in Black Blood
11. Frozen Remains (Outro)
12. From the Bowels of Inferno
13. My Throne Lacerates the Sky
14. Defloration of the Holy Land
15. Accarezzo L'Immacolata Vergogna
16. Il Sangue delle Stelle
17. Il Silente Camino...
18. Where Titans of Blasphemy Sit