Earth 2 - Special Low Frequency Version

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Band Name Earth (USA)
Album Name Earth 2 - Special Low Frequency Version
Type Album
Data wpisu 03 Luty 1993
Wydawcy Sub Pop Records
Styl muzycznyDrone
Zarejestrowanych posiada ten album19


1. Seven Angels 15:35
2. Teeth of Lions Rule the Divine 27:04
3. Like Gold and Faceted 30:21
Total playing time 01:13:00

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Komentarz @ BDemon

15 Sierpień 2012

The definition of Drone Doom.

Earth are progenitors. This, their first outing, was one of the best in their whole career. Not only did this album define drone doom, it defined it in style. And to this day, every drone doom band/artist will know this album, this is the genesis one of the best, and most interesting experimental genres.

The fuzzed out riffs of Seven Angels, the first song on the record, is heavier than 119 elephants in a bus. The repetition is almost hypnotic. the endless layers of drones, being piled on top of each other like a 100 car pile up. About half way through the song, there's a sort of, half-time section. it only increases the heaviness of the original riff, a brilliant song. The second track, Teeth of Lions Rule the Divine, later to become the name of a stoner band, is less of a stoner, fuzzed out riff. And more of the droning, slow riffs, that sounds a bit more like Grimmrobe era Sunn 0))).

Like Gold and Faceted, is a one note monolith of a song, it defiantly drones. and it basically doesn't stop for a blissful 30 minutes and 18 seconds. It's the sort of song that you can lay down, just listen, and let the waves of feedback immerse you. Earth 2 is a monster. 1 hour and 13 minutes of heaven. Something to lay back, and just listen to, and let the repetition take you away. Created 19 years ago, and still a strong force in drone music, Dylan Carlson, you genius.

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