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Band Name Angelus (SLV)
Album Name Dos
Type Album
Data wpisu Sierpień 2009
Styl muzycznyHeavy Metal
Zarejestrowanych posiada ten album2


1. Hancelh 08:52
2. Esto Es Heavy Metal 03:41
3. Infierno Terrenal 06:53
4. Tofeth 02:16
5. Sueños Perdidos 04:27
6. Angel 07:02
7. Guerra 04:16
8. Imperio del Odio 04:54
9. El Final 03:14
Total playing time 45:35

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Komentarz @ Pattty

16 Kwiecień 2010
After two months of its release on Metalfest El Salvador 2010, a few weeks ago I got the new Angelus production, the album called “Dos” (Two), that is also the second production of this salvadorean Heavy Metal band.

On purpose: After the concert it was available only in ONE place! Jeez! Let’s search for another distributors, guys!! -_-

Well, let’s proceed with the review:

Hancelh… it’s not a song that I can “love”, it has some riffs during the song that are surplus. Didn’t minded if it was a little shorter, but I guess some parts were unnecessary… even so it’s not a bad song, it has a powerful starting and nice lyrics.

In the album art, I liked the idea of arrange lyrics in a different order than track list. I think it looks better than if they were placed in track order, and it’s more original.

There are one or two misspellings on lyrics but it’s not a big deal, cause I’ve seen some cases where lyrics are incomplete, or don’t say what song says, or have missing paragraphs and that kind of things, things that you don’t see in this booklet. So in that way, this is a well done work.

Lyrics are also pretty good: Hancelh and Angel are such tragic love and betrayal stories, we also have a couple of instrumental songs, other songs talk about fear and dementia, and some more about social themes. So this album is nicely “assorted”, but the first prize is for track 2 “Esto es Heavy Metal” (”This is Heavy Metal”) that for me -and surely for many others- is whole a Metal anthem.

Sound and mix: Pure international quality! And something that also helps is that Joel -vocalist- is accompanied with second voices in some phrases, and that helps songs to not sound “empty”.

In general terms and to conclude my review, I give this album a 9… a nine that can be compared with world-quality Metal bands.

Congrats to Angelus for their new album, and we wish there be more, much more in the future!

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