Doomsday Rock 'n' Roll (Unmastered)

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Band Name Chrome Division
Album Name Doomsday Rock 'n' Roll (Unmastered)
Type Demo
Data wpisu 2006
Wydawcy Nuclear Blast
Styl muzycznyHeavy Metal
Zarejestrowanych posiada ten album3


1. Serial Killer
2. Breath Easy
3. The Angel Falls

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Chrome Division

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Komentarz @ Mika_Helvetia

07 Maj 2006
Here an outline of the future album of the young group Chrome Division. Undoubtedly it will draw the attention owing to the fact that Shagrath officiates with the guitars but this no Black Metal. These men did in a Hardware Rock'n'roll all that it's of more traditional and made a success of! Already three pieces present on the official sit and composing for the moment a kind of demonstration being used as cocktail snack. Thus a Hardware Rock'n'roll pure and hard with riffs near to the heavy, a voice well Hardware and raucous, the whole accompanied by a good battery. Serial Killer is a entrainant piece and all that it has the least original but all that it has of more effective in the kind. One turns over in full birth of the Hardware Rock'n'roll/Heavy Metal. Breathe Easy is same thing, though even more balancing at the beginning but which leaves in small back taste Manowar mixed with Motorhead.And finally, The Angel Falls which is in topic a little darker but always such a worthy of the Rock year!
Traditional Rock'n'roll/Metal of the beginnings of the kind.

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