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Nazwa zespołu The Gazette
Tytuł płyty Dim
Type Album
Data wpisu 15 Lipiec 2009
Wydawcy King Records
Gatunek muzycznyVisual Kei
Tylu użytkowników posiada ten album50


1. Hakuri
2. The Invisible Wall
3. A Moth under the Skin
4. Leech
5. Nakigahara
6. Erika
7. Headache Man
8. Guren
9. Shikyuu
10. 13Stairs[-]1
11. Distress and Coma
12. Kanshoku
13. Shiroki Yuutsu
14. In the Middle of Chaos
15. Mourou
16. Ogre
17. DIM Scene

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The Gazette

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Artykuł @ Memento_Mori

05 Maj 2010
The GazettE album Dim got released last year, and several people liked it. I myself am a faithful GazettE fan, so I decided to make a review about it.

The album starts with the instrumental song Hakuri, which can be somehow described as "an eerie atmosphere". After Hakuri, songs like The Invisible Wall, A Moth Under the Skin and an official cover of their single LEECH follows, which makes it pretty heavy. Then it slows down a bit with the song Nakigahara and Erika, who is also an instrumental song. The tempo then gets more faster with the song Headache Man, and starts to be a little bit slower again when the cover of Guren plays. After Guren has finished, another instrumental song named Shikyuu plays. When 13Stairs[-]1 is played, it will get more heavier, but just for a while. The eerie atmosphere will return again when Distress and Coma plays, and it's follower Kanshoku. When Shiroki Yuutsu plays, the albums atmosphere will go from depressed heavy metal to an upbeat ballad. Shiroki Yuutsu in then followed by another instrumental song named Morou. After Morou, the song Ogre plays, and the heavy metal returns. The album then ends with the song Dim Scene, who's a mix between a ballad and a rock song.

I myself loved to listen through the whole album, and even if some of the songs were a bit slow, I enjoyed it very much. The whole album feels mystic and the atmosphere changes from eerie and depressing to angry and full of venegeance, and that's the reason I became their fan at first.

Most of the tracks I liked the most where both heavy and depressing, like Nakigahara, Guren and Dim Scene, but also heavy and angry, like Headache Man and LEECH. Even if those songs were fantastic, I also felt like that some of the songs was a pain to listen through, like Ogre and A Moth Under the Skin.

So, the words I have to say to this album is that it's good, even if some of the songs weren't that great. But since I'm a proud fan of GazettE, I can just say that this album is worth to buy.

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