Desechos Humanos

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Band Name Goregast
Album Name Desechos Humanos
Type Album
Data wpisu 09 Wrzesień 2011
Wydawcy FDA Rekotz
Styl muzycznyDeath Grind
Zarejestrowanych posiada ten album2


1. Desechos Humanos 04:56
2. Puerco de Dinero 01:19
3. Honor the Dead 04:10
4. Corta la Coleta 02:38
5. Nice Guy Next Door 04:17
6. Necrophagic Pathologist 01:50
7. The Boozer 03:21
8. Capa 02:45
9. Unslave Yourself 04:13
Total playing time 28:09

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Artykuł @ heavymetaltribune

11 Wrzesień 2011

a fun and easy experience

Germany's Goregast returns this year after 4 years of silence with their third full length album, Desechos Humanos. While grindcore itself as a genre usually doesn't manage to really capture my attention, the fusion of death metal and grindcore usually wields a different result, as would be seen on the 30 minute ride provided on Desechos Humanos.

The haunting atmosphere on opening track Desechos Humanos sets up a nice mood for the onslaught that is to come, complete with a slow piano playing at the background beneath the heavy guitar riffs before the vocals of Rico comes in, sounding like a more aggressive version of Max Cavalera, and alternates between guttural growls and screams throughout the album. The usage of Spanish lyrics somehow helps in bringing out a more aggressive and savage feel in the music. Don't be fooled by the doom-pace that the band has gone at thus far, as they start to speed up halfway through the sound and maintain the thirst for speed throughout the rest of the album.

While the death metal sound is evident on most of the tracks, the band displays their love for grindcore on tracks like Puerco de Dinero and Necrophagic Pathologist, with the frantic drumming style and the short song lengths. The semi-spoken bits on Capa further display the grindcore influences in the songwriting. Guitar solos are also notably absent on the album, with the focus instead on the heavy riffing. The tone of the guitars also alternates between bone-crushing bass-heavy to an almost chainsaw-sounding buzz, and when combined with the heavily downtuned guitars, helps to make songs such as Honor the Dead one of the more fun tracks on the album. There are also certain tongue-in-cheek moments on the album such as the last few seconds on The Boozer with the clicking of tongues and the sound of spitting.

One small problem is that the band tends to get slightly repetitive as the album draws on, with most of the songs having the potential to be more effective if cut down to perhaps 3/4 of its original length. However, Desechos Humanos is certainly a good old school death metal album, with a tinge of grindcore incorporated to further enhance the experience. The seemingly simple format of the songs that the band has chosen also helps in making listening to Desechos Humanos a fun and easy experience.

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