Demo 2010

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Band Name Fallujah
Album Name Demo 2010
Type Demo
Data wpisu 01 Kwiecień 2010
Wydawcy Self-Released
Styl muzycznyProgressive Death
Zarejestrowanych posiada ten album5


1. The Door Made of Light
2. Hallucination
3. Prison of the Mind

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Artykuł @ CLucker666

26 Grudzień 2011

underground jewel!

Well this is by far one of my favorite deathcore bands after just a few listens. I would not consider Fallujah straight up deathcore by any means. They can get extremely technical and melodic, which is one reason they stand out so much to me. This is by no means at all a generic "core" band. They are from California and that seems to be home of a ton of good deathcore like Suicide Silence, Winds of Plague, Carnifex, etc. So I really expect good things from this band.

There is only three tracks on this demo but each and every one of them is not far from perfect. If I had to chose a favorite it would probably be track three, Prison of the Mind. It has an awesome melodic outro and is a great ending to the demo. I really can not find one flaw in this band. The vocals are amazing, the guitar work is melodic, and technical and flows together so well. The drumming has a bunch of fills and double bass which is something I really enjoy in any genre of metal, especially in deathcore and death metal.

The guitar riffs almost remind of technical death metal heavy weights, The Faceless. They have a real spacey kind of sound to them and it just does not get old. They have some great solos which show off that spacey sound the most to me. A good melodic guitar solo is always a big bonus to me and these guys sure know how to do it.

The vocals are mainly your standard death metal lows but he will throw in so crunchy sounding highs in there. I really do not think this band should be considered deathcore. The vocals really do not have much of a deathcore sound to them at all, neither do the riffs, or drumming. So honestly I am confused on why this is not considered technical death metal. There are some breakdowns, but they are are not all that noticeable. It is not a deathcore breakdown that just completely distracts you from the song. These are more of riff downs, where the riff slows for a little bit, and pick up speed again real quick.

Well there is really not much else to say about this three song demo other than it is a must for technical death metal fans. Anybody and everybody who likes this should definitely check out the new album! The first studio up date of it is in the video below. I rate this a 18/20.

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