Demo 2009

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Band Name 55
Album Name Demo 2009
Type Demo
Data wpisu 01 Lipiec 2009
Wydawcy Self-Released
Styl muzycznyPorno Gore Grind
Zarejestrowanych posiada ten album2


1. Disemboweled for Disgusting Sluggish and Grinding Sick Gastric Ulcer Fucking Purposes
2. Chapter of Hideous Syphilic Cockland Filmings, Pt. I : The Cranium Suffocating Excitement
3. Skull Full of Excrement Consumed by Cockroaches And Maggots to Devour All Bacteric Parasites
4. Ruthless Analblasting Gangbang Amid Most Bizarre Fetish for Dislimbed Cocksucking Whore's Child with a Cock in Her Filthy Mouth
5. Essential Gloryhole Penis Dissections While Cumming on the Face of Stupid Hooker With Deflowered and Shaved Ugly Pussy
6. Infected and Grilled Human Genitals Stuffed with Force to Mouths of Facialized Grandmas Tied on Maniacly for Dozens of Sexual Anomaly Experimentals
7. Choked on Infected Sloppy Manure Masses as Sametime Getting a Huge Cock Crammed Into the Tightest Asshole in its Own Offensive Glory
8. Pokerfacial (Lady Gaga Cover)