Death Is a Lonely Business

lista zespołów Thrash Metal Chakal Death Is a Lonely Business
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Band Name Chakal
Album Name Death Is a Lonely Business
Type Album
Data wpisu 1993
Styl muzycznyThrash Metal
Zarejestrowanych posiada ten album8


Re-issued in 2008 by Cogumelo Records with a bonustrack.
1. Before It's Too Late 06:05
2. Mind Cries, Body Dies 03:26
3. Panic in the Fast Food 04:23
4. Fear of Death 03:11
5. Beholder 03:46
6. A Certain Afternoon Havin' Strawberry Jelly on Mars Watching the Dick Birds Fly South 01:56
7. Choked 03:45
8. Useless Denial to Hear 04:10
Bonustrack (Re-issue 2008)
9. The End Is Near 01:51
Total playing time 31:24