Dead in My Arms

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Band Name Carnifex (USA)
Album Name Dead in My Arms
Type Album
Data wpisu 12 Lipiec 2007
Styl muzycznyDeathcore
Zarejestrowanych posiada ten album132


1. Intro 00:41
2. Slit Wrist Savior 04:16
3. Hope Dies with the Decadent 03:51
4. Lie to My Face 03:02
5. Love Lies in Ashes 03:43
6. A Winter in Remorse 03:02
7. Collaborating Like Killers 03:54
8. My Heart in Atrophy 03:00
9. Dead in My Eyes 01:39
10. Dead in My Arms 03:26
Total playing time 30:34

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Komentarz @ miniradman

16 Październik 2010
Dead in My Arms By Carnifex.

This Album was released in 2007 by This City Is Burning Records. Dead in My Arms is Carnifex's Debut album and is of the Deathcore genre.

Firstly this is one of the better debut albums from bands that are of the Deathcore Genre. This was the album that put Carnifex on the map and features some outstanding tracks such as: Slit Wrist Saviour, Hopes Die With The Decadent and Lie To My Face which is an awesome song.

Carnifex is a special band because it keeps up with the pace of Deathcore but is very melodic as well. This album features some very brutal/heavy Breakdowns as well such as in the song These Thoughts Became Cages. There is just something about the way the band members put this album together is just amazing. Their style works very well, they can transition from a heavy breakdown to an ultra fast tempo. Also the drummer has very fast double kick (Slit Wrist Savior)

There a few things that bug me about this album though. Firstly The lead singer just keeps using the same type of screams and growls which aren't the best anyway, but somehow I think it suits their style which makes up for that problem. Also the music sometimes gets boring. Just the same screams, growls, drumming etc.

There there some interesting things about this ablum. Firstly I mentioned the very fast double kick, i'm not saying that they have the fastest double kick its just that it is really fast. Also in the songs Lie To My Face and Slit Wrist Savior have this odd thing where they pause the song for about 3-5 seconds swear then keep going. On Lie To My Face Its "What The Fuck" and Slit Wrist Savior "Fine Fuck You Then". I think its odd but that's what makes them awseome I like it.

Overall I like this album, there are a few problems with this album but they can easily be overlooked. Its Carnifex's in your face attitude which makes them awesome. Carnifex has an acquired taste so if you love deathcore I certainly recommend this album, not so much to people who aren't used to this genre though. I give this a 16/20

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Shedding_Skin - 14 Sierpień 2011: Couldn't agree more dude, great review
miniradman - 14 Sierpień 2011: wow this is an old review, thanks mate

check out my blog, it has all my newer ones ;)
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