Coming Down Hard

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Band Name Backstreet Girls
Album Name Coming Down Hard
Type Album
Data wpisu 1990
Styl muzycznyHard Rock
Zarejestrowanych posiada ten album1


Re-Issue in 2004 by FaceFront Records
1. Temple of Lust
2. She's So Bad
3. I Was Right
4. Back with a Bang
5. Awright. Awright. Awright
6. I'm in Love with You
7. Speed City Symphony
8. Bee Bop
9. Sex Sex
10. Hold on (A Little Bit Longer)
11. Medicine Man
12. Please Take Me Home
13. Mad Dog in Soho
Bonustracks (Re-Issue 2004)
14. Action Man
15. Gimme Just a Second (Live - Party EP 1990)
16. That's Not What I Want (Demo 1990)