Carbon-Based Anatomy

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Band Name Cynic (USA)
Album Name Carbon-Based Anatomy
Type MCD
Data wpisu 11 Listopad 2011
Wydawcy Season Of Mist
Styl muzycznyProgressive Death
Zarejestrowanych posiada ten album43


1. Amidst the Coals 02:11
2. Carbon-Based Anatomy 06:24
3. Bija! 02:27
4. Box Up My Bones 05:32
5. Elves Beam Out 03:59
6. Hieroglyph 02:28
Total playing time 23:01

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Komentarz @ CLucker666

03 Marzec 2012

An emotional piece of art

I have not been the biggest Cynic fan in the world, but as soon as I took the time to truly soak in this EP, my views on Cynic have changed from uninterested to inspiring. My friend always talked about Cynic saying how amazing they are and I had them on my Ipod but never listened to them enough to get a good grip on their music. When I heard they were releasing a new EP I decided to give them more of a chance and I do not regret it at all.

The few elements in this album that truly made me love it are the insanely melodic beats and technical drumming, not to mention Paul Masvidal's inspirational and beautiful voice. When I listen to this Ep I get the chills from how much it touches me. Cynic has a side project called Aeon Spoke that has the same elements of emotion this EP possesses. This album is truly a must for anybody into good music. I do not see anybody disliking it. Now onto the songs.

My personal favorite song is Box Up My Bones. It starts off with a humming of a chorus of people that is just an amazing sound to my ears. It goes into the actual instruments and the drumming is the first thing I notice, most of it is really creative and technical which is huge plus for me, especially since it stands out so much. The best part of the song is most definitely the chorus. The sudden pause and then when Paul sings "And if I feel scared" is an amazing experience every time I hear it. This song has yet to get old. It has the same wonderful chorus several times yet it is by no means at all repetitive in the slightest. I also love the song Elves Beam Out. It is probably a lot less technical song then the rest but it Focuses more on the melody and does a great job with that. IT leads right into the outro with a perfect transition.

The whole theme of this album to me would be described greatly by the word "Epic." With the really cool kind of dazed sound in the background while the woman is talking at the end and singing in another language in the intro along with the beautiful emotional songs just make this album a masterpiece. Not many albums to me are considered this great but this album is a work of art and I am proud to say I own it. I loved this EP and if it had just a few more songs it would be a perfect score but since there is only three actual songs I had to give it a 19/20.

The video below is Cynic playing a song from their previous full-length,

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Crinn - 04 Marzec 2012: I wouldn't call that a comment, I would call that a review
CLucker666 - 04 Marzec 2012: Ehh yeah me two.. :/ and this was literally pending for almost 2 months
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