Call of the Wild

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Band Name Sex Slaves
Album Name Call of the Wild
Type Album
Data wpisu 02 Czerwiec 2012
Styl muzycznyHard Rock
Zarejestrowanych posiada ten album3


 Lose that Dress
 Burning Bridges
 My Black Heart
 I Wanna Kill You
 Sik Fuk
 Call of the Wild
 Get in Line
 RocknRoll Band
 Let’s Make Out
 I Swear
 Cool Ride
 I Got Drunk

Total playing time: 44:14

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Artykuł @ Nastasia

28 Listopad 2012

Don't expect any poetry or philosophical contemplation, this album is pure fun.

The New York based band Sex Slaves is anything but newbie on the modern rock'n'roll scene with a solid fan base all over the world. The fourth release Call of the Wild shows that the band stays faithful to what brought them success at the first place - keeping it real and simple, even at the cost of repetitive lyrics and riffs, which however are more than specific for rock'n'roll. This brings me to another things that are almost overused in majority of the songs - you are constantly repeated that they come from New York and they are in a rock'n'roll band playing rock'n'roll. This may sound like bragging a bit, but when the way of it is so suggestively stylish that you don't even mind.

Don't expect any poetry or philosophical contemplation, this album is pure fun. The riffs are incredibly catchy and the vocals are neither original or outstanding, which is not a problem since the singing is not the main point of band's music. This gives this release a slightly punkish tinge. The lyrics only enhance the whole carpe diem atmosphere of the album and most of the choruses are ridiculously simple. And guess what! It works just great. "Who the fuck are you? We're the Sex Slaves" all over again in the very first song W.T.F.R.U. might get on one's nerves but not turning the whole album off is worth it as there are also the moments when you honestly chuckle a bit like in Get In Line or I Got Drunk.

In general the album could be a typical sex, drugs (or at least intoxication) and rock'n'roll anthem, and when it comes to sex, everything is put without any shame or euphemisms. Sik Fuk or Let's Make Out are the best proofs. Unfortunately all this "right in your face" attitude is a bit tiresome the more you wade through all the thirteen songs, especially since musically there is nothing much interesting to point out until the final song I Got Drunk, which is more chilled than the rest of the songs.

To sum it up, Call of the Wild is not an album for a demanding listener. It is a collection of thirteen songs that may sound amazing on stage and work perfectly if you are in a mood for some easy cheerful listening. On the other hand the band's dedication and spirit is undeniable and this is what makes this release stand out among the others.

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