Buildings for the Rich

lista zespołów Crust Hellkrusher (UK) Buildings for the Rich
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Band Name Hellkrusher (UK)
Album Name Buildings for the Rich
Type Album
Data wpisu 1993
Wydawcy SMR Production
Styl muzycznyCrust
Zarejestrowanych posiada ten album1


1. Buildings for the Rich
2. Third World Explotations
3. War / Who Needs It
4. Full of Shit
5. Path of Destruction
6. The Chase Is on
7. Sick
8. Conform
9. Dying for Who
10. Smash the Trash
11. Destined to Die
12. System Dictates
13. Threat of War
14. Burn a Rock Star
15. Whos System
16. War Games
17. Clear the Dept
18. Scared of Change
19. Dead Zone
20. Hellkrusher