Bring on the Dead

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Band Name Fuck I'm Dead
Album Name Bring on the Dead
Type Album
Data wpisu 2001
Styl muzycznyGrind Death
Zarejestrowanych posiada ten album18


1. Twist of Death
2. A Fraction off Death
3. Army of Hermaphrodites
4. Burnt to an Absolute Crisp
5. My Feral Fucktoy
6. Colon Commando
7. Delicious Dolop
8. Fucking the Foetus
9. Skull Fucked
10. Shopfront Whore
11. Jeffrey Dahmer's Cookbook
12. Pickled Member
13. Shotgun Facelift
14. Barefoot and Shit Faced
15. Violet
16. Inject Me with AIDS
17. Slowly Raped with a Chainsaw
18. Toilet Tantalizers
19. Spray Me with Fecal Matter
20. Licky Webster
21. Fuck... I'm Dead
22. A Fraction off Death (Live)
23. Licky Webster (Live)