Audio Depravity in the Key of Sick

lista zespołów Brutal Death Putrified J Audio Depravity in the Key of Sick
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Nazwa zespołu Putrified J
Tytuł płyty Audio Depravity in the Key of Sick
Type Split
Data wpisu 14 Luty 2015
Gatunek muzycznyBrutal Death
Tylu użytkowników posiada ten album1


1. Trashbag Slam 02:44
2. Exit Humanity 02:11
3. Killed, Mutilated, Skinned 02:38
4. Maggot Infested 02:29
5. Cadaver 01:41
6. Canine Genitalia Used for Human Ejaculation 01:11
7. Perverted Euphoric Debauchery 01:47
8. Leavin' Semen at the Scene 02:26
9. Disemboweling the Bastard Christ 02:34
10. Toys for Twats 01:39
11. DTF 01:54
12. Analrapist 03:07
13. Abused Anal Tissue 02:47
14. MLA 02:49
15. Fisted and Bloody 03:36
16. Fisted Mother with a Cumfilled Cunt 02:41
Total playing time 38:14

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Putrified J