At Every Door

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Band Name Hanging Garden (FIN)
Album Name At Every Door
Type Album
Data wpisu 21 Styczeń 2013
Styl muzycznyDeath Gothic
Zarejestrowanych posiada ten album10


1. Ten Thousand Cranes 06:21
2. Ash and Dust 06:25
3. Hegira 06:33
4. Wormwood 06:23
5. At Every Door 04:24
6. The Cure 11:06
7. Evenfall 04:53
8. To End All Ages 10:33
Total playing time 56:38

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23 Luty 2013

Sepulchral Death Doom

Finland is one of the greatest nests of influential and well-renowned melodic and doom metal acts, including Nightwish, Ghost Brigade, and Swallow The Sun. Sextet Hanging Garden is among this list of these dramatically melodic groups. Established in 2004 from Mikkeli, Southern Savonia, this group has released two full-length records, “Inherit the Eden” in 2007 and “Teotwawki” in 2009, both under Spikefarm Records. Since then, they have stuck a deal with German record label Lifeforce Records, which has been known for harboring bands such as Omnium Gatherum, Deadlock, and Devilish Impressions. This is where Hanging Garden’s third full-length entitled “At Every Door” makes it entrance in early 2013. Brandishing eight tracks with the time length reaching almost an hour, the sextet makes its return after four years to invoke sorrowful tunes among their audience.

Firstly, “At Every Door” achieves success is musicianship and the production. The vocals are truly one of the greatest highlights that this record showcases, ranging effortlessly from deep bellows and growls to gloomy monologues to transcendently gloomy singing. These dimensions are incredibly well focused while the vocalist retains a sense of nice well-roundedness. The drumming technique is nothing truly special, but the way they were recorded and mixed allows this percussion to sound very solid and resonant, thus developing a very sturdy musical framework for the other elements. The guitars rival the vocals as the album’s musical outstanding, playing somber, slow, and hypnotic melodies for a haunting atmosphere. The sound production gives the music an atmospheric somewhat ambient aura to it. With all these components performed greatly, the musicianship is one of the greatest strengths of this album.

Next are the songs themselves, which follow a grand formula of depressive and melodic amalgamation of doom metal, death metal, and a hint of gothic somberness. The resonant, deep singing, the echoing guitar melodies, and the melancholic synthesizer effects all integrate to create a grim yet euphoric atmosphere, while the growling, unclean vocals and the slowly pounding drums build a framework of ghostly brutality. Both realms coalesce together with wonderful flow, as well as the songs bearing excellent buildup, drama, and a nice reverberating tone. The melodies altogether are quite spine-chilling and entrancing, lacing in with the murky fusion of death and doom metal gracefully. The generally sluggish pacing also helps the record reach higher grounds of enjoyment, underlining the dark ambience and the echoing atmosphere of the phantom tunes. With all of these different facets intertwining greatly with each other, “At Every Door” is as successful in its tracks as it is with the group’s musicianship.

At Every Door” is an excellently crafted metal record. While it does not truly break any molds for the death-doom metal genre, this is one of those albums that display the genre very well. The musicianship is stellar, the structure is very solid and has great buildup, and the music alone is bleakly powerful and captivating. The melodies are euphorically mournful, and the cheerlessly brutal side of the death-doom music the album offers is steady yet nicely devastating. Hanging Garden has certainly progressed from their previous efforts, and the end result is a fine specimen of gothic death-doom metal. This album is definitely one for fans of artistically dark and gloomy metal alongside acts such as Evoken and Katatonia. In this top-notch doom record, delightfully dark tracks will drift and creep towards you At Every Door.

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