Above the Weeping World

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Band Name Insomnium
Album Name Above the Weeping World
Type Album
Data wpisu 09 Sierpień 2006
Styl muzycznyMelodic Death
Zarejestrowanych posiada ten album264


1. The Gale 02:41
2. Mortal Share 03:59
3. Drawn to Black 06:00
4. Change of Heart 04:30
5. At the Gates of Sleep 07:05
6. The Killjoy 05:22
7. Last Statement 07:32
8. Devoid of Caring 05:40
9. In the Groves of Death 10:07
Total playing time 52:56

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Komentarz @ gamewiz432

14 Czerwiec 2011

Damn near a masterpiece

From the beginning, the album opens up on an epic scale. The Gale starts off this album on a beautiful note ending with a fantastic mix of guitar, drums, and symphonic type music.Then the album dives head first into an amazing opening to the one of the best songs off the album (Mortal Share). Most of the album has a laid back feeling to where you can either headbang your ass off or sleep peacefully to.

Honestly the whole album had me saying holy shit and giving me chills 90% of the time. The guitarist is always on a great riff unless the songs tempo is dropping suddenly, for instance towards the ending of the song Change of Heart. The drums, always one of the most important parts of a band, and goddamn does he take his job seriously!

Insomnium knows how to mix brutal vocals with melodic guitar parts that just enhance the listening experience like no other! The album ends on the same note it began so in my humble opinion since it starts and end as a storm, it is a storm of fucking greatness! Above the Weeping World is by far Insomnium's best album.

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