A Sword of Death for the Prince

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Band Name Emit
Album Name A Sword of Death for the Prince
Type Album
Data wpisu 31 Styczeń 2005
Styl muzycznyAvantgardiste Black
Zarejestrowanych posiada ten album6


1. Herald the Dawn with Your Offerings 04:08
2. Nitimur in Vetitum 11:41
3. Utlag, Avenger, Spiritual Scourge of Deformity 07:24
4. Sinister Obliteration of Human Humus (Raw Hermetic Materials) 01:05
5. Where God's Shadow Resides 07:21
6. Sorrow and Suffering Beget Triumph (Amaka Hahina Interpretation) 03:12
7. Echoes of Mass Murder, the Dark Bleeding 10:21
8. Outro - Into the Black Waters... 05:52
Total playing time 51:04