A Perfect Evil

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Band Name Amorphous
Album Name A Perfect Evil
Type Album
Data wpisu 01 Marzec 2012
Nagrany w Studio Kurnik
Styl muzycznyDeath Grind
Zarejestrowanych posiada ten album1


1. Psychosis 05:29
2. Deception... Lie... Forgivness 03:09
3. Shred 03:59
4. My Revenge 03:41
5. Lonely Reality 02:51
6. Escape 04:29
7. The Abyss of Nothingness 03:06
8. Discouraged 03:18
9. Let's Paint the Death 03:19
10. Agony Pt II 04:19
Total playing time 37:40

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Artykuł @ GandhiEgo

28 Czerwiec 2012

Should I consult the doctor?

I read great reviews on the latest slab of Death Metal from Amorphous. Polish metalheads from Wroc?aw come back in 2012 with their sophomore album “A Perfect Evil”. On the previously mentioned reviews, one may read that the band somehow pledged allegiance to the likes of Vader or even Napalm Death.

This is solid Death Metal, compact, brutal with melodic leads that serve as breathers within the tracks. Actually, the leads are even a bit too melodic at times and don't fit quite well the overall riffing wall of brutality. Which is why I feel awkward with the Napalm Death reference found here and there. Sure Amorphous’ singer shares about the same vocals as Barney Greenway but I also read this is a great mix between Death Metal and Grindcore (as you'd picture from Utopia Banished). But as much as Amorphous' drummer may be skilled, a few blasts here and there simply don’t make a band Grindcore. It takes something else, a madness which I fail to see in Amorphous.

Obviously I wouldn't go as far as saying that Amorphous plays Melodic Death Metal but they bear a striking resemblance with fellow countrymen Repossession and to a lesser extent Lost Soul. Again, this is solid Death Metal with lots of melodic leads, except that Amorphous has a lot more riffs a la Thrash Metal than their colleagues.

Still, as much as I can play Amorphous’ latest effort without feeling bored, I'm just not enthralled about it and cannot get into it. The old-school production is great, leads are fine, blast beats and all of this are great, but it’s a tad bit too generic to my tastes and the odd association of those overwhelming melodic leads with otherwise big old chunks of brutal Death Metal do not resonate right within me.

Not saying this is bad by any means. Considering the good reviews read throughout the net, it’s probably just me failing to appreciate Amorphous the way I should. If you were me, you wouldn’t buy this, but you aren’t. Read the other reviews, go the band’s myspace page or youtube and see for yourself.

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