454 Anno Bastardi Domini

lista zespołów Brutal Black Noctifer 454 Anno Bastardi Domini
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Band Name Noctifer
Album Name 454 Anno Bastardi Domini
Type Album
Data wpisu Listopad 2009
Styl muzycznyBrutal Black
Zarejestrowanych posiada ten album3


1. Pro Patria Mori
2. 454
3. Revenge in Blood
4. Imprisoned in Defeat
5. Bloody Dawn
6. Legio X
7. As One with Them
8. Nothing But a Cross

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Artykuł @ hack

13 Lipiec 2010
As the name Lucifer means bearer of light, the name Noctifer means bearer of the night. With a name like that and the fact that they wear corpse paint, I was expecting to hear some cartoonishly satanic Black Metal. But this band hits the genre on a different tangent, with recurring themes concerning the innovative methods of killing and torture that were implemented by the ancient Romans. Noctifer were one of the first Black Metal bands from Rome, so this subject matter is a natural fit for them.

They released 2 demos and 1 EP, between the years 1997 and 2002. This helped them to develop a strong following in Italy, playing gigs with big name bands like Behemoth, Impaled Nazerene, Carpathian Forest, and Tsjuder. So the band was eventually signed by Deadsun Records as up and coming prospects. They subsequently released Manifesta Superbia through this label in 2005. The label did nothing to promote the band, no tours were scheduled, which resulted in very poor sales for that album.

I've got Manifest Superbia and on that album, their technical use of tremolo picking sounds incredible. It sounds sort of like Taake meets Absu. I've also got Wargod Domination, they split that album with Nokturne. The 4 songs from Noctifer sound great. Their approach on that album reminds me of the styles of Immolith combined with Orcivus. Their music sounded so grim and dark on that album, that it sounds like they are playing in the shadows of Nokturne.

Each album that I've heard from Noctifer sounds different, with their varied musical structures. But the hateful and angry mood, is always consistent in their music. They have every right to be pissed off, after being fucked around by the slacker executives at the labels who had signed them. So founding member, Regulus(drums), had the testicular fortitude, to take the bull by the horns, and start his own underground Black Metal label. It's called Legionaria Produzioni.

The first album that was released by this label was Noctifer's newest offering, 454 Anno Bastardi Domini. Which translates into 454 the year of bastard domain. This was meant to be a reference to the death of Flavio Ezio, who was the "last great General of the Roman Empire." He was murdered for political power greed in 454 and the Roman Empire fell 20 years later.

The first song, Pro Patria Mori, shreds at a very fast tempo, with a melody, and song structure that sounds a lot like Limbonic Art. 454 is a raw, angry, fast song, that sounds most comparable to Mor Dagor. Revenge In Blood is a darker song, played at mid tempo. It sounds something like Temple Of Baal. The lyrics are about hate and the art of killing. Bloody Dawn seems to borrow the melodic start of Mayhem's Freezing Moon. Then it takes on another hateful turn, sounding again something like Mor Dagor. Nothing But A Cross actually sounds a lot like Dimmu Borgir, but there is hardly any symphonic music on this song. This song is about the unknown soldiers who died in Northern Italy during WWI. Most of these songs can be compared to Temple Of Baal and Mor Dagor, with an occasional song structure resembling Limbonic Art.

This album was recorded at The Outer Sound Studios, in Rome, which is regarded as one of the best studios in the region for extreme music. I miss the technical tremolo picking that characterized the album Manifest Superbia. But I've got to give them credit for not trying to "repaint the Mona Lisa" half a dozen times, like some other metal bands(Dark Funeral, Vader) have tried to do. They come back each time with a different approach, which shows that they are true artists. Rome is a city where artwork is omnipresent. They probably bump into murals and stumble over statues on their way to the nearby convenience store. I highly recommend this album and especially their last 2 albums. I don't think that they would be collecting much dust on your shelf.

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celin - 13 Lipiec 2010: Great review and great album. The review is a little bit more focused on the history of the band. But it's interesting.
A good band and a good album but a little bit overated. 19/20 it's really really too much !!!
hack - 14 Lipiec 2010: Thanks for the compliment and advice. I liked this album. Someone else bitched about a rating that I gave on another review. So I'll consult the expert on the reviewers team for some advice about rating albums.
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